Funny First Date Questions

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funny first date questionsIt is normal to feel butterflies in the stomach and to break into cold sweats, to break the ice you have to be ready with some funny first date questions. A very serious approach during your first date will not provide a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. Your sense of humor will get her more interested in you.

Funny First Date Questions: Not a Boring Interview

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So come up with a sensible first date questions that will surely make your date memorable. Most people would get very bored if the questions thrown during the first date are similar to those asked during job interviews. It is acceptable to ask generic question like “how’s work?” but your date may have been asked this boring question a lot of times. Thus, asking her questions that were asked never in a million years will make her think that you are one funny guy.

Since you would not want your first date conversation to be boring Q&A type. It advisable to ask anything about your date’s:

• Hobbies and interests
• Dreams and aspirations
• Friends and peers
• Entertainment such as music and movies
• Travels and Vacations

Funny First Date Questions to Ask

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It is not enough that you know what are the fun first date questions to ask, you need to have the confidence to do it. Most guys tend to get too nervous and they get tongue-tied and cannot deliver the funny questions. Just remember to relax and enjoy your first date, both you and your date are trying to create a good impression. Here are some examples of the funny first date questions that you can ask your date:

• “Do you think that Tony the Tiger is sexy?” She might burst into laughter because of sheer shock from your question. Provide her with a background story on why did you ask that question. For instance you can say that your niece saw the TV commercial of Frosted Flakes and referred to Tony as the “sexy tiger”. So you wonder whether she sees Tony the Tiger the same thing like maybe it is a girl thing.
• “What word starts with F and ends in u-c-k?” She may give you a big grin and most likely she would answer the “f” word. You can tease her by being vulgar or tell her that you know what is on her mind. Then, provide her with the correct answer which is firetruck.
• You could also come up with tons of “would you rather…?” questions. Be absolutely wacky, wild or even ridiculous when you add options on this question. For example, “would you rather be trapped in an elevator with men who are bad breath or with pigs soaked in mud?”

Your aim is to get her smile and catch her off guard. She will certainly see how funny and spontaneous you can be. Remember that humor is the ultimate ice breaker in any awkward situations. So why waste your precious time asking questions that neither of you would enjoy asking or answering. Sometimes your odd questions can turn your ordinary date into cool and fun first date.

Funny First Date Questions Trick to Success

Your date expects you to be a very interesting person. The questions you ask during your first date can sometimes be cheeky or witty. The secret here is to combine both in order to come up with interesting and impressive questions.

Also, humorous questions have two distinct types and they are either hilarious or peculiar. Being too hilarious is not advisable, some funny first date questions or jokes may spoil the entire mood of your first date. More often it would set the mood into comedy rather than romantic. So avoid being overly hilarious most especially if your date does not find it really funny.

Asking humorous yet peculiar questions is very much suitable for you and your date. It will also give you the chance to get to know more about your date. Although some peculiar questions are humorous, they are still considered as sensible questions. You may want to consider asking these peculiar questions:
• “What is your favorite pet or domestic animal?” By asking this question you will actually get an idea on other people’s impression about her.
• “How would you feel if you were lost in the Amazon all by yourself?” This question will allow you to understand her view about death.
• “What are your top three favorite foods and why?” ask this question if you want to have know a bit of her attitude towards sex.

In conclusion, creativity will spice up your date even the same old boring questions may sound interesting if you add a little humor on it. The ability to joke around and displaying your sense of humor will certainly attract any woman. You are simply showing her that you are comfortable about yourself and you are not seriously forcing her to like you. Just focus on having a great time by throwing some of those funny first date questions.

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